Science is discovering more and more every day about the role CBD plays in our bodies.  As the most powerful phytonutrient on the planet, full spectrum hemp oil, CBD oils, and Isolates are changing the way we view modern remedies.  SIX Nutrition, a trusted partner and leader of nutritional supplements, has the ability to help you grow your CBD business.  
People recommend SIX Nutrition CBD 
  • Multiple product lines pills, powders, oils and drinks
    • We have products that your customers want in the delivery method they need. 
  • From full spectrum to Isolate products  
    • Preference and experience matter when customers choose one over the other. 
  • Decades of nutritional supplement experience
    • We've manufactured and produced products for years and for multi-million dollar companies. 
  • We can private label products for you. 
    • Want to have both high and low-end price points? Let us make your own product and use it to compete against ours making money when the customer buys either one.
  •  GMP certified facilities 
    • Having been around the block we know the value of having certified facilities for all of our manufacturing plants.