Covid-19 has changed business rules and working from home or remotely is now an important consideration for everyone. We're proud to supporting vets, first responders and their family members looking to supplement their incomes. 

As a WARRIOR'S EDGE affiliate partner, you'll earn generous sales commissions on customers you refer to the store (by spreading the word in your social media accounts and emails), while being part of the next big wave in health and nutrition. The CBD market is expected to grow by 500% in the next two years. so now is the ideal time to get involved.

Help people feel better

CBD helps people of all ages, backgrounds, and demographics. It’s affordable and it’s effective. Warrior's Edge helps people feel better, can help alleviate pharmaceutical dependencies, and is safe. You can’t overdose on CBD but you can help people feel better.

Where and How Do I Promote Warrior's Edge Products?

There are primary ways you can promote the products and earn commissions:

Online- The first and easiest way to get started is to the use media and links we provide you to introduce the product through your social accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or even your own websites and email lists. We also train and educate you on product benefits so that you can tell your own story.  When someone clicks your link and buys from the online store, you earn a commission.

Events- Get a booth, hit your local fair, women’s expo, gun show, or community farmers market. We also give partners the flexibility to buy products at wholesale and the rights to re-resell products at your local events - you get to keep 100% of the profits. We have banners, signs, and other marketing materials to help you attract and service a live audience.

How much can I Earn?

We provide generous sales commissions on product sales (well above industry standard) and generous wholesale discounts, so along with the growth of the CPD industry, you can earn from a few hundred dollars a month, to thousands depending on your approach.  Our partner team will work with you to develop and implement a strategy that works specifically for your needs.

How do I get started?

1. Fill out the online application. It takes less than three minutes.

2. Try Warrior's Edge. Have your own experience. Affiliates can purchase individual units at a discount and can buy in bulk at wholesale price.

3. Use the free online marketing tools provided Post your experience on social media. Use our pre-built social media banners, buttons, and images. Highlight the product benefits and what it did for you.

4. Promote Talk about CBD. Send your friends and family your links. Talk to local store owners. Get a booth at local events and potentially make hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a weekend. The options are unlimited. Just like your opportunity.

Join the Affiliate Program

* Retail chain stores over 10 store units require pre-approval

** Wholesale buyers and Affiliates must not advertise below the M.A.P.- Minimum Advertised Price. The final price you actually sell it for is entirely up to you. However, advertisements and promotions below the MAP without specific written corporate pre-approval violate the terms of use and can result in termination from the Warriors Edge affiliate program.

Access Affiliate Tools, Banners, Marketing Materials and More.

Use of any supplied materials is by and for Wholesalers, Distributors, and Affiliates of Warriors Edge CBD only. Ownership of applicable copyrights, trademarks, and all brand elements remain the sole property of Warriors Edge CBD.