Warrior's Ascent

Our Partnership

Veterans and First Responders are heroes. Everyday Firefighters, Police Officers and Active Military members rush into danger to keep the men and women of our nation safe. 

Our gratitude for their bravery is eternal, and we are dedicated to doing more to support them once their job is done

Too often, our heroes are left with scars (both mental and physical) that can last a lifetime and weigh on their well-being, as well as the wellness of their families.

It is because of this reality that Warrior's Edge CBD partnered with Warrior's Ascent.

About Warrior's Ascent:

Warriors' Ascent was created in 2014 by two Iraq combat veterans who returned home and realized they needed additional resources to cope with the moral injuries they suffered on the battlefield. Unable to find a solution that provided long-term results, they set about to create their own.

Seeking cutting edge holistic medical practices based on scientific research, they developed the Academy of Healing and began inviting other Warriors to join them on the journey to recovery.

Now in its fifth year of operations, Warriors' Ascent has served over 300 Veterans and First Responders who have graduated from the program.  Alumni are comprised of Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans as well as active-duty members from all branches of the armed services. They are joined by their brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services representing over 15 departments from throughout the nation.

Support Warrior's Ascent

If you feel moved to support Warrior's Ascent and their dedicated efforts to helping Veterans, First-Responders and Heroes of all types on the path of healing, we encourage you to click the link below to donate to their cause.

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